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The Children and Adolescent Center has served as late 2018, 8.113 children, adolescents, adults, and at the same time guides and supports their families in every way.
Child and Adolescents’ Center employs an experienced, scientific staff of 90 members (child psychiatrist, psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, speech therapist, occupational therapist, music therapist, special educator, nurse, etc) while at the same time, it co-operates with a great number of freelance co-workers.

"Child and Adolescents’ Center" is a civil, non – profit Organization, founded in Chios in March 1996. As a special certified institution of the National Care System, based on the principles of Communal Psychiatry aims at providing qualitative specialized services in order to improve the quality of life of children, adolescents’ and adults in the fields of Mental Health and Special Education. It also targets at prevention, prompt diagnosis, research study, planning and implementation of public health programs with an additional goal to educate and stimulate public sensitivity.It is involved in many activities and operates on various levels.

It includes the following settings and departments:

  • Children and Adolescents’ Department,Chios
  • Mobile Mental Health Unit, Chios
  • Day Center for Adolescents’ with autism, in West Attika “Stin Avli tou Kosmou”
  • “Helianthos” Specialized diagnostic and rehabilitation Center for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Peristeri
  • Adults’ Mental Health Department, Chios
  • Scientific Documentation and Education Department
  • Oselotos:Special Intervention Unit for Young People with delinquent behavior "Oselotos", Athens

Our Story

A group of 14 recognized mental health professionals inspired the foundation of a civil, non-profit organization, Child and Adolescents’ Center. The lack of an appropriate therapeutic framework, concerning matters of mental health, throughout The Northern Aegean area, suitable for children, adolescents and their families, has been the motive to initiate this venture. The first step was made and Child and Adolescents’ Center started to operate as a first degree mental health unit, providing specialized therapies for children and adolescents with developmental and emotional psychiatric disorders and for their families as well.
Since 2002 Child and Adolescents Center has a license of establishing and keeping a record of personal and private data , provided by the Authority for the protection of private data.
Since November 2005 Child and Adolescents’ Center is a specially certified setting of social care services provision, according to health Deputy Minister’s decision.
A new Unit, The Mobile Health Unit of Chios
is a reality. It is part of the program “psychargos” and provides mental health services for the resident of Chios, Oinousses and Psara islands. It is also established by Health Deputy Minister’s Decision.
Child and Adolescents’ Center has an active role in Athens too, providing specialized services to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders.
The Day Care Center for Adolescents’ with Autism, in west Attika “Stin Avli tou kosmou”, is located in Peristeri and operates as a Unit of therapeutic care and enhancement of psychological rehabilitation for adolescents and young adults (aged15-22) with Autism Spectrum Disorders. It is part of the program “Psychargos” and it is licensed by the Ministry of Health.
In November 2010 Child and Adolescents’ Center acquired a confirmation of managing certificate so as to handle European funded programs (ESPA 2007-2013).
During the same year “helianthus” a Specialized Diagnostic and rehabilitation Center for children, adolescents with ASD and their families, starts operating at the Peristeri area in Athens.
The Adults’ Mental Health Department is established in Chios. It provides specialized, personalized services adapted to the special needs of people over 18 with mental difficulties and development disorders.
In order to promote research activity and scientific documentation The Scientific Documentation and Education Department starts operating. The Department also aims at developing an educational policy not only for the employees of the Center, but also for specific professional groups.
The Special Intervention Unit for Young Persons with delinquent behavior "Oselotos" is recommended in Athens. The purpose of the Oselotos Unit is to address holistically the delinquency of adolescents and young adults with mental disorders and psychosocial problems through mental health services and psychosocial support.

With a great insistence and patience Child and Adolescents’ Center keeps growing, constantly evolving its original vision. Despite the difficulties of our times, it moves forward, devoted to its principles with the commitment to improve the quality of life of the people who are benefited by its services.

Other Actions

The promotion and spread of the scientific work is closely related to the operation of the Center, which aims at the continual improvement of the provided services and at the awareness of the community in reliable way that will stimulate its sensitivity.

The staff of Child and Adolescents’ Center is constantly present in the scientific community, taking part in national and European conferences, coordinating the planning of scientific meetings, the constant training of the staff in cooperation with universities centers in Greece and abroad, composing scientific programmes, training pro and post graduate students, providing young scientists with working experience and holding actions which rise the sensitivity of the community.

During its operation Child and Adolescents Center has implemented a great number of programs in cooperation with national, international and European institutions as well.
The activity of the Center also includes:
  • Participate in the initiative group for the establishment of a Social Corporation of Limited Liability in Mental Health Department of Chios, since 2000 – Founding member since 2004
  • Participate in the Federation of Mental Health Institutions (ARGO)
  • Participate as a founding member of the Greek scientific Network for autistic spectrum disorders.
  • Participate as a founding member and member of the boards of Directors in the National Association of first degree mental health care units owners
  • Publication of two books:
    1. “Difficulties in the development of movement and speech. The effects on school life” Child and Adolescents’ Center, 2008
    2. “Emotional Intelligence for pre-school children” in cooperation with Comenius Regio, 2013

Assurance policy for the protection of children

Every employee of the Center is obliged to follow certain rules that are implemented in order to protect children:


Ensuring and promoting the well being of children who are abused or run the risk of being abused or neglected is a priority when decisions about the access to mental health are made.

Some children are extremely vulnerable due to their condition; therefore the planning of the therapeutic intervention should promote and ensure their well-being

Moreover all the employees of the Center according to their field should comply with:

• The Psychiatrist’s Code of Ethics

• The special educator Code of Ethics

Getting involved with the children and their families and listening to them ensures the therapist’s full participation in the decisions that are taken for the children.

The integration of the children is promoted, regardless of their citizenship and origin, providing services which ensure their safety, their access to proper education, their quality of life, their autonomy, including religion, language and national differences or social and cultural background.

Children have the right to equal access to services which have been developed in order to meet their needs.

Children and their families get the answers and the services which concern them as participants in problem solving, avoiding when possible the braking up of the family and its negative effects.

The services are planned and delivered in a way which authorizes the children so as to demand the assurance and respect of their dignity and helps them live a full life, making sure at the same time that the therapist fulfill their responsibilities for the safety if the children.

Children and their families should participate in the evaluations of their needs and the approaches should be coordinated towards achieving them.


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