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Children and Adolescents’ Department

During the 23 years that we operate, the Children and Adolescents’ Department has served more than 3700 people.

Therapeutic Programmes

Our main services involve preventing, diagnosing, treating and rehabilitating development and emotional disorders (for example autism, dyslexia, difficulties in oral and written speech, kinetic difficulties, in writing anxiety, hyperactivity, behaviour problems etc). Our scientific group numbers many members and includes: a Child-Psychologist, a Psychologist, a Special Educator, a speech therapist, an occupational therapist, a Physical Education Instructor and an administrative assistant.

All the therapists of the Children’s and Teenagers’ Department meet all the requirements to practise their profession/duties. And have all necessary certified knowledge and expertise to provide their services.

Children and adolescents’ department functions in a way which protects the privacy of each benefiter, ensuring medical confidentiality.

The staff specializes in different approaches and methods, aiming at a personal and at the same time, an overall therapeutic approach.

Therapies are provided on both personal and group levels.

Recreational /Creative Programmes

Recreational group “Svoura” (whirling). Through recreational and creative activities and based on real-life personal experiences games (fairytale dramatization, music kinetic, arts, crafts) we achieved socialization, expression encouragement and the cultivation of emotional development. For children aged 4-10.

Day Summer Programme: Children take part in a range of activities with games, actions and outdoors excursions. The programmes are planned and implemented exclusively by trained therapists and are based on the development stages of each child. The goals of the programme are the collaboration and the development of skills performed in real life conditions and the acquisitions of stimulants. For children aged 3-10.

Career Advising Programmes: It involves a complete programme of Career advising for students which aims at exploring their personal skills and interests.

Based on the interview and the tests, a thorough report of the results is given to the students. The report works as detailed guide in order to understand their needs and find the most suitable professional field.

The Children and Adolescents’ Department offers the following evaluations and therapeutic programmes:

  • Children Psychiatric Evaluation and attendance
  • Speech therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Programmes of Sensory Completion
  • Psychotherapy
    1. Psychodynamic approach
    2. Systemic approach
    3. Family therapy
    4. Social and Emotional Development
    5. Music Therapy
    6. Gestalt approach (GESTALT)
  • Parent Consulting

  • We also provide therapeutic programmes with meetings via telecommunication for children/teenagers who live in remote areas and are not able to receive direct therapy. It is a ten-year programme supported by software, which enables you to hold tele-meetings and is performed with the contribution of visual an audio means. It involves:

    1. Rehabilitation Programme for speech disorders-talking and communicating
    2. Rehabilitation of learning difficulties
    3. Psycho - social intervention for social and emotional development.

Mobile Mental Health Unit

The Mobile Mental Health Unit of Chios started operating in 2007 and it is part of the programme “Psychargos” which aims at the Psychiatric Reform in Greece. Its operation is supervised by the Ministry of Health and has a licence to operate (number of licence Y5B/G.P 82961/10.11.2014) provided by the Ministry of Health.
The scientific group of the Mobile Mental Health Unit (Psychiatrist, Child-Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Social Worker, nurse) sends regular units every 15 days or every month, which are suitably designed in order to cover the needs of the district of Chios, including the islands of Psara and Oinousses. The services of the unit are addressed to all residents of the Chios county and include Psychiatric Evaluation, provision and attendance of pharmaceutical treatment, supporting attendance (follow up), psychological support, development of social skills, etc.

More specifically, they are addressed to:

  • Children, teenagers and adults with mental disorders or/and psychosocial problems.
  • The families of the patients
  • Groups of people with a high risk of developing mental illness
  • Healthy people, implementing preventing programs
  • measures in order to avoid the illness
  • Eliminating the stigma that mental illness causes, through educational programs and community sensitisation.
  • Prompt diagnosis and treatment aiming at reducing the duration and the gravity of the illness.
  • Long-lasting cure, psycho social rehabilitation and return in the society, which aims at reducing the sense of helplessness and inferiority, cause by the disease.
  • House nursing when necessary.

The Mobile Mental Health Unit based on the principles of Communal psychiatry aims at:

  • Promoting the mental health of the residents of the community
  • Dealing with mental illness within the community itself, in areas which are difficult to reach, not only because they are remote, but also because the social, economical and cultural conditions, combined with the nature of mental disorders, make it difficult for the residents to have access to mental health services.

All the therapists of the Mobile Mental Health Unit meet the requirements defined by the institutional framework of the country to practice their profession and have all the necessary certified knowledge and expertise to provide their services. The Mobile Mental Health Unit functions in a way which protects the privacy of each member, ensuring medical confidentiality.

Adults Mental Health Department

The Adults’ Mental Health Departmentstarted working as an independent setting of Child and Adolescents’ Center in Chios, in 2015, in order to provide specialized services to adults with mental difficulties. Its goal focuses on prevention, personal development, diagnosis and facing the difficulties of the benefiters.

The Adults’ Mental Health Department provides diagnosis and therapy to a wide range of mental difficulties: mood disorders, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, eating disorders, development disorders (autism, mental handicap, etc), behavior disorders, psychosocial difficulties. All the therapies are personalized and adapted to the special needs of each person. Meetings take place at the setting’s offices, or at home if necessary.

The setting provides the following services :

  • Psychiatric evaluation and attendance (more specifically, diagnostic evaluation, provision of medication, follow up).
  • All types of psychotherapies are provided (supportive therapy, psychotherapy, systemic therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, family therapy, group therapy, couple therapy).
  • Psycho - social support and rehabilitation. This involves the improvement of all skills which concern basic aspects of a person’s ability to function: self care, personal hygiene, traffic education, money managing and free time organizing, social skills.
  • Psychological Tests (IQ Tests, WAIS-IV GR, personality test MMP 2, projective tests).
  • Consulting families with members facing mental difficulties or/and psychological problems.
  • Personal Development seminars based on real – life experiences..
  • Educational Health Actions in the Community..

Our scientific group consists of the following professionals :

  • Psychiatrist
  • Psychologist
  • Social worker
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Administrative executive

All of the therapists meet the requirements defined by the National framework and have all the necessary certified knowledge to practice their profession. The Adults’ Mental Health Department functions in a way which protects the privacy of each benefiter, ensuring medical confidentiality.


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