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Day Care Center for adolescents with Autism in west Attika

“Stin Avli tou Kosmou”

Our Day Care Center specialized in adolescents and young adults with autism spectrum disorders, has been located in West Attika (Peristeri), since 2008. The Day Care Center established as a part of “psychargos” programme, which aims at the psychiatric reform in Greece and it is supervised by the Ministry of Ηealth. It is authorized by the Ministry of Health (Y5Γ.82959/10.11.2014).
The Day Care Center operates as a daily therapeutic unit of care, support and psychological and social rehabilitation of adolescents and young adults (aged 15-22) diagnosed with ASD. Its aim is to help its members integrate in the society and be able to function on their own. Family support, community education and developing a network of volunteers are some additional objectives as well.

It is one of the few institutions in Greece which serves and covers the needs of adolescents and young adults with autism of medium and low functionality.

Taking into serious consideration the improvement of its benefiter’s daily life it provides the following services:

  • Diagnosis
  • Personalized therapeutic rehabilitation, based on the principles of, ABA, PECS, SI, Intensive interaction, Sherbone.
  • Children psychiatric attendance
  • Family consulting
  • Speech therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Adjusted Physical education

Our philosophy, which covers all the aspects of the therapeutic programme, is to respect the personality and individuality of every single member which benefits from the services of the Day Care Center. Taking this into account, we build a number of therapeutic programmes around each benefiter, adapted to his/her needs and the needs of its family as well.

The main goal of these programmes is to support people with ASD, help them develop their communicational skills and promote their socialising among their peers. All the above can be achieved through a variety of personal and team programmes.

An important part of our programmes (on a personal and team level), takes place in the community, in the form of both educational and recreational activities, in addition with fun events (shopping, super market, flea market, excursions), aiming at developing social skills, integrating in the community and fighting against the stigma.

All the above are implemented and co-ordinated by the scientific team of the Day Care Center, which consists of a child Psychiatrist, a Psychiatrist, a Psychologist, a Special educator, an Instructor of adjusted Physical Education, a Speech Therapist, an Occupational Therapist, an employee of general duties and an administrative executive.

All the therapists of the Day Care Center meet the requirements, defined by the institutional framework of the country to practise their profession and have all the necessary certified knowledge to provide their services. The Day Care Center functions in a way which protects the privacy of each benefiter, ensuring the medical confidentiality.


Helianthos is a specialized diagnostic and rehabilitation Center for people with Autism Spectrum Disorders ASD. It has been operating at Peristeri in Attika, since 2010 and specializes in children (starting from the age of 5), adolescents and young adults. 

Our therapeutic programmes focus on helping the benefiters socialize, communicate and improve their ability to function on their own.

The therapeutic programmes are designed so as to allow the performance of general skills in different surroundings. Our main concern is to improve the daily life of people with ASD and the life of their families and help them become more functional. In order to achieve this we provide steady and frequent communication with every important factor in the persons’ life such as the family, the school and the work environment.

What do our programmes include?
Through different and world – widely acknowledged therapeutic methods, targeting at the rehabilitation of people with ASD (TEACCH, ABA, PECS, Social stories, Psycho-kinetic education, Sensory completion, Sherbone method, Intensive interaction etc ), our therapeutic programmes focus on improving the skills the person already has and developing new ones. The methods include:
  • Psycho-pedagogical therapeutic programme
  • Social Club
  • Speech therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Adjusted Physical Education
  • Psycho – kinetic Education
  • Therapy through the art
  • Social skills group
  • Psychotherapy of Social and emotional development
  • Many – hours Therapeutic programmes

The therapeutic programmes can be either personal or in a group and take place at the Hlianthos’ premises or at the community.

Other Services
  • Diagnosis
  • Supervision services to experts who provide additional support to people with ASD, during their pre-school and primary education.
  • Child Psychiatric / Psychiatric attendance
  • Supervision services to the supporting psychotherapy of social and emotional development.

For the parents

Having in mind the encouragement and support of the parents, we provide consulting services, adapting their frequency to the needs of each family. At the same time, group meetings with parents take place, focusing on informing and educating them in ways which improve their child’s progress.

The Helianthos Center also includes the “Nautilos” action-hospitality at the weekends. Its main puprose is to take the pressure off the families of the teenagers and young adults with ASD. Our programmes mostly aim at the entertainment of the people who are hosted there.

The scientific group consists of a Child-Psychologist, a Psychiatrist, a Psychologist, a Social Worker, a speech therapist, an occupational therapist, a Special Educator, an Instructor of adjusted Physical Education, an art therapist and an administrative assistant.

All the therapists of “Helianthos” meet the requirements defined by the institutional framework of the country to practise their profession, and have all the necessary certified knowledge and expertise to provide their services.

Helianthos functions in a way which protects the privacy of each member, ensuring medical confidentiality.


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Xrysolora 10-12 ,  121 32 , Peristeri

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2105789190, 5782341, 5731581

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